Move Over Wilt…LBJ Moves Into the Top Five!

Don’t look now but the Los Angeles Lakers are surging. Surging to the point where the Western Conference better take notice.  Sitting at 8-6, good for seventh in the West, you can’t stop but wonder where the Lakers are headed.

Enter Lebron James.

The Lakers are starting to believe in themselves as well as the coaching staff. On Wednesday night Lebron poured in 44 points in a win against Portland.  The King surpassed the great Wilt Chamberlain for fifth all time in scoring in NBA history.  

A feat that most Laker fans are used to seeing. Kobe Bryant sits third, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sits at the top.  Next up in Lebron James conquest to move up the scoring lead board is the great Michael Jordan who sits at fourth.  

You can’t help but admire the accomplishments of Lebron. He’s taken this Laker team and have showed them how to win and compete at a higher level.  Given the expectations that the youth of the Lakers weren’t ready quite yet to bring showtime back to L.A., Lebron has held thsee kids accountable.  

The greatest athlete from Akron, Ohio has shown time in time out that his leadership can make a team contenders instantly.  His humbleness has let Lebron play at an incredible level.  With the additions of rim protectors such as Javale McGee and Tyson Chandler,this edition of Lebron James and friends are peaking at the right time.  I’m curious to see how this success can be sustained Throughout the vigors of an NBA regular season.  

If Lebron continues to play and lead this Laker team towards the top of the West, then come playoff time they will be a force.   One can say, it’s not a matter of if? But a matter of when?  The Lakers have an itch to raise a 17th NBA Championship banner, Lebron James is the right player to help this franchise get there.  Watch out your”Airness”, there’s a King about to move into 4th place all time.  


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