Golden State Warriors: The Three Biggest Threats To Dubs!

Thanks to being defending back-to-back NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors have been sitting on top of the planet when it comes to basketball.  The Warriors have been the toast of the NBA world for the last 5 years.

Losing to the Cavs three years ago is a distant memory.  You can’t help but respect the Dubs and what they’ve accomplished in recent years.

Is it still a strong running dynasty? With Kevin Durant able to opt out after this season, and Klay Thompson set for free agency, the Warriors can seriously be looking at a face lift soon.  

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves  

Let’s take it one season at a time. The Dubs currently sit in second place in the Pacific Division behind the LA Clippers and fourth in the ever so tough Western Conference.

Stephen Curry is currently on the shelf with an adductor strain.  There’s also some on going beef with Draynond Green and Kevin Durant.  

With all this drama going on, the Dubs are still the team to beat in the NBA.  They’ll get their act together sooner or later.  

The question is…Which three teams can unseat the Warriors atop basketball supremacy? 

Boston Celtics– The beast of the East, now that Lebron is gone. The Celtics provide matchup issues with just about anyone in the East or West.  

They have a long interior inside presence that can also step out and shoot the three.  The thing with Boston that is impressive is the ability to move the ball around and create easy shots.  

Houston Rockets– I’m giving the Rockets some love here because they took the Warriors to the limit in last years Western Conference Finals.

This year?

The Rockets have shown no ability to play defense. A recipe for disaster vs the Warriors. They have James Harden and a healthy Chris Paul.  They resigned Clint Cappella but lost Trevor Ariza (Phoenix). If the Rockets can figure out something on defense, then watch out.   

Los Angeles Lakers– Simply put, the Lakers match up perfectly with the Dubs.  This Laker team is hungry.  Lebron James is showing the kids how to win already.  The one thing that the Lakers control better than the Dubs is points in the paint.  

The Lakers are best in the NBA.

If the Lakers can hit open threes, then they present a big problem for anyone they face. Any team that has Lebron, is always a threat.  

We shall see. Until then, the Dubs are still flashing the bling.


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