2019 NBA Playoffs: Does An A.P.B. Need To Be Put Out On Raptors G Kyle Lowry?

Thanks a zero-point performance in the Toronto Raptors 111-102 loss to the Orlando Magic in Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs, an all-points bulletin may need to be put out on Kyle Lowry.

Depending on who you talk to, Lowry is considered either one of the top point guards in the league or the flakiest and most inconsistent top-level players in the NBA.

This wasn’t against longtime nemesis LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, this was against the seventh-seeded Orlando Magic. The proverbial headlines write themselves in how a team from Disney Land made on the the top guards disappear.

His struggles in the post-season have long been documented, and his proverbial meltdowns–most notably against LBJ’s Cavs, in which he took himself out of a loss to “decompress”–are known and off-chided in NBA circles, but to lay an egg on his own home court, with an entire country watching, is a new level of ineptitude.

For his career in Toronto, the former first-round pick our of Villanova has averaged 17.1 points a game and 7.5 assists in five career series for the Raptors. When he is on, Lowry is one of the toughest, most hard nosed “bulldog” style point guards around.

Perhaps last night’s 0 point game in 33.9 minutes could he consider a one-off, a fluke or a credit to Orlando taking him out of the game, but if the Raptors hope to finally advance to their first-ever NBA Finals one year after LBJ has taken his talents to Hollywood, there is no better opportunity for them than now to do so.

Hopefully for those in Jurassic Park, and all of Canada, Lowry can bounce back and be the baller that they all know and love in showing up for once under the bright lights of T-Dot.


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