Carlos Asse is an award-winning Mexican film director currently based in Los Angeles, California. His film Contracorriente (“Against the Stream”, in English) has positioned Carlos among the film industry in both the US and Mexico. Contracorriente premiered at the universally acclaimed Cannes Film Festival in 2019 and had its Mexican premiere in October 2019 at the Oaxaca Film Festival, one of Mexico’s biggest and most celebrated festivals, which is commissioned by the renowned Sundance Institute.

The film touches on the importance of family and how sometimes we lose sight of what’s most important to us just to prove someone else wrong. As Carlos mentioned “Contracorriente portrays the confrontation of two brother regarding their mother’s illness. Alberto, the protagonist is very sentimentally attached while his brother is the practical and rational type of person. They both want the same: to keep their mom safe, but their means to achieve that are different, and that’s what the film is about. It’s about detachment, unity and letting go. It’s an ode to motherhood”.

Dan Lopecci plays Alberto, the protagonist of the story, co-starring in the film with actress Silvia Curiel as Isabel, the mother. Director Carlos Asse collaborated with award-winning cinematographer Carlo Mendoza to bring his vision to the screen. Mendoza’s films have received international acclaim by the Academy, Cannes, and he has received awards by internationally acclaimed festivals in Europe and Asia. He was recently made part of the Philippines’ Cinematography Hall of Fame for his work in numerous projects.

“Working with Carlo was a privilege. His understanding of story is inspiring, and the numerous questions he asked about the script allowed us to develop the visual language we created to best portray my characters and their story. Carlo knows how thankful I am for working with me on Contracorriente” – Asse mentioned.

The film was edited by Benjamin Tolentino and scored by Lucas Villemur, who Carlos mentioned is an extremely talented composer and he will definitely be working with Lucas again in the near future.

Carlos shared that Contracorriente helped him discover his voice as a filmmaker. “In film school I was exploring different genres and plots, but Contracorriente is way closer to what I want to keep doing and the type of stories I want to keep bringing to the screen”.

Contracorriente has been officially selected in multiple festivals in the US like Short+Sweet Film Festival, sponsored by The Los Angeles Times; and Panafest LA commissioned by NBC Universal to name a few, and won an Honorable mention in Berlin and the Best Short Film Award at the Short Film Factory festival in Bucharest, Romania. This film has not yet completed its successful festival run.

Carlos is definitely someone to pay attention to in the upcoming years.

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