the spectator talked to well-known MEXICAN actress argelia curiel

Argelia Curiel whom has received national and international awards first of which was by the Government of the State of Chiapas for her outstanding participation as an actress in the first local series “Mucho Corazon: Where love flourishes,” explains in this interview with The Spectator, her experience in pursuing her passion for something that is difficult but not impossible. Argelia Curiel, a native of the capital of Chiapas is a worthy representative of women who go after their dreams. Although her path has not been an easy one, it has been very rewarding one and not just professionally but personally as well.

If you watch telenovelas in Spanish, you have probably seeing her in her memorable roles in “The One Who Couldn’t Love”, “Passion and Power” and “The Miserable” as well as in the remake of the well-known American series Gossip Girl in its Hispanic version and in co-production with Warner Brothers and Televisa called “Gossip Girl Acapulco”.

Argelia Curiel has also appeared in films such as “Los Amorosos” with Marimar Vega and Daniel Martinez, and “Under the sky of the Three Crosses”.

Photographer: Cesar Uribe

What does it mean to be an artist?

Being an artist is living life by seeking to express and share what you are with the world through your talent.

What role has impacted you the most and why?

I believe that each role has impacted me differently, but giving life to Sergeant Rodriguez in the Mucho Corazon series was undoubtedly been one of the most significant roles I’ve ever had because it portrays a strong yet kind woman who also knows what she wants and how to get it.

What do you like most about your career?

Learning from the characters, undressing them until I can understand their soul.

These characters heal me because they help me to see life from a different perspective. When I give life to a character I can feel and understand their view of life and I get rid of any judgment I may have regarding their situation. Acting thus becomes a liberating exercise, I feel it is a catharsis that heals the soul and makes me more complete as a human being.

How was your experience as a local tv host?

I started as a host of a local health tv show on TV10 Chiapas, 4 months later I was given a segment within the local mid-day news show which at the time was the highest rated program on the channel, the segment was called “Online with Argelia” where I covered social media content. Two of the most recognizable journalists in Chiapas were the anchors of this show, it was undoubtedly a great team, we also had as part of the team a teacher of Tzotzil origin who delivered the news in dialect for the indigenous community of the state. We also started traveling every weekend to broadcast the show from different places within Chiapas to promote Tourism.  A few months later I would join the desk on air as a headliner along with the other two journalists to discuss the issues of the day.

What would you do for a character?

I would do anything that is necessary to achieve the best results, from dying my hair to maybe gaining or lose weight, or even going out there looking for new experiences I had never tried before to achieve the best performance.

Tell us something extreme you have done for a character

I got an extreme haircut that was mandatory to portrayed Sandra in Les Miserables, at first it felt kind of uncomfortable but later I just got used to it.

How did your passion for screenwriting and directing begin?

It was always very clear to me since I was very young that I was all about art, at a very young age I began singing, playing piano and taking folk dance lessons. But above all I loved writing stories. My fascination was so strong that my grandmother took me to literature classes offered by the government, it was a great program because they published a weekly newsletter that was attached to the local newspaper with writings and drawings that the children in the program did. My stories were always getting published and my teacher would say to my grandmother “Hey this girl has talent!” In fact, the first career I considered seriously was Philosophy and Literature, I grew up with mind set on that… until acting came into my life.

Who do you admire professionally?

Emmanuel Lubezki, I am a great admirer of his work, many of the films he has photographed have impacted me deeply from: A little Princess, Great Expectations, Sleepy Hollow, Birdman and The Revenant. He is a genius in the use of natural light and flat sequences. I was lucky to meet him a few months ago at the Los Angeles International Airport, we had a brief conversation and I can assure you that part of his success in life is due to his kindness as a human being.

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