Emanuela Boisbouvier Succeeds in Hollywood while Helping Others

Actress Emanuela Boisbouvier is one of the leads of the soon to be released film ‘Choke’. The film follows the relationship between two women, where the power dynamics seem to be set – one submissive (Emanuela’s character) at home, inferior, and another who pulls the strings and pays the bills. Halfway through, there is a big reveal and makes the audience realize not to judge a book/ or a character/ by his or her appearance…

Photographer: Cesar Uribe

She’s also one of the actresses of the film ‘Brain in a Vat’ that deals with a student being sexually harassed by her boss at work and basically comes up with an experience to make him feel what she has been feeling.

Emanuela Boisbouvier was directed by Cameron Thuman in the film ‘A New Verse’. The film was screened at the New Jersey Golden Door Film Festival as well as at the Westfield International Film Festival, and at the 7th Annual Muestra Intergalactica Festival in Mexico, in which ‘A New Verse’ was selected as an honorable mention.

Known for the two Coca Cola commercials she stared on, she takes her job beyond. One of her goals is to help students dealing with depression, anxiety and any other mental health issues readjust with campus life and feel more at home. In order to do this, she became a part of the non-profit Wazo Wellness. Through this six-week program, students were paired with student mentors and met twice a week. They also offered mental wellness workshops to help foster creativity and outlets for emotional release.

Born in San José, Costa Rica, Miss Boisbouvier moved to Monaco when she was three-years-old. Raised by a Monégasque father and an Italian mother, she began acting at age thirteen when she took a summer program in Los Angeles at S.O.C.A.P.A. From then on, acting has remained a major part of her life.

Emanuela has also acted in plays such as ‘I am the Wind’, by Jon Fosse or ‘Nine’, by Jane Shepard.

Follow her on Instagram at @emanuelaboisbouvier

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