Meet one of the most famous Argentinean models in the world!

Cristian Grassi is one of the most famous Argentinian models in the world, but his career started by chance when a photographer discovered in his home town. He wanted to be a sports journalist or a professional rugby player but life drove him to a different destination.

Shortly after completing his studies as a sports journalist, he moved to the city of Milan and thus his international career in the fashion world began when he was 21 years old. Cristian has done the biggest editorial work a model can aspire to: GQ, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Elle, Glamor, Gentleman, Life & Style, Arena, among many others.

Grassi established himself between Europe and the USA working for major brands such as Garnier, Trident, Piz Buin, Land Rover, etc. 

We still can’t forget the Armani campaign super model Cristian Grassi starred in, that is why we were thrilled to interview him at The Spectator.

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He has worked for major fashion brands such as Lee, Levis, Scappino, Brantano, Fallabella, Sears, Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, etc. Cristian has not only worked with a number of celebrities, but also with some of the biggest fashion photographers such as Ben Watts and Martín Traynord. 

Cristian Grassi is a big fan of the city of Tulum, Mexico, and there, he shot the global campaign for Piz Buin with the renowned model Nina Agbdal.

His thick beard and stunning long hair made him the face of Just For Men, a brand focusing on hair and beard care. He recently did the shoot with the renowned photographer Ben Watts in New York.

The Argentinean model is also the brand ambassador of the hat brand from Tulum, Inti Spirit @intispirit, but if you want to keep up with his life and career, follow him on Instagram! @crigrasssi

Photographer: Maribel Vivanco

What led you to modeling?

I started 15 years ago in Rosario when I accompanied my girlfriend at the time, to do a photoshoot. The photographer offered me to take some photos of myself.

Besides modeling, what else have you worked on?

Journalist and yoga teacher.

What is your biggest fear?

Fear will always be in our lives. We worry about our uncertain future, but it is on you to decide how much. The only thing that matters is what happens now and the decisions we make at each moment, which are based on love or fear. Choose love and never let fear get in your heart.

Photographer: Simon Vallejo

Who do you admire?

My dad

What is your greatest strength?

Love, control my emotions, NO violence.

Which is your biggest dream?

Build a boutique hotel + holistic center in Tulum for yoga retreats … (I already have the land hahahahaha)

What your worst failure has been?

Not to play any musical instrument…. but I still can do it.

How would you describe yourself?

A nice guy.

In the modeling world, what is your dream?

To work with artisans and create a brand of hats and ponchos.

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