Three Things That Make Alican Akman Stand Out as an Actor 

Each person has a unique set of skills or talents that sets them apart from other individuals in their chosen industry. These features are often cultivated over the years, while some people already possess these characteristics or talents naturally. 

If you’re looking for an example of a person who has both, look no further than Turkish actor Alican Akman. 

Originally from Izmir, Turkey, Alican has an asset that many consider his biggest one. Unlike other actors, he can easily act in both English and Turkish, landing him more roles in both Turkish and American cinema. 

He also has a Latino look which is getting the interest of producers creating projects involving Latino actors and attracting the interest of the Spanish-speaking media. Plus, he’s very eager to learn more about his craft so he can take it to new levels of artistry. 

Alican has been acting for 12 years now. He’s very passionate about what he does, which is why he views acting as more of a hobby than a job. His career started with him performing in various plays written by Shakespeare, Çehov, and Moliere. But when he was 21-years-old, he starred in several plays directed by famous Turkish director Onur Unlu. 

Starring in plays wasn’t the only time that Alican worked with the renowned director. While living in Turkey, he also played roles in the movies Sen Aydinlatirsin Geceyi and Itirazim Var by Onur Unlu. Both movies received the prestigious Altin Portakal movie awards in Turkey. 

The success of the projects led Alican to book an important role in the television series Ben de Ozledim. He also played the role of Ali in the popular television series called Leyla and Mecnun. Set in Istanbul, the series revolves around the love story between Leyla and Mecnun while giving it an element of absurd comedy. 

Eventually, Alican’s name became well-known in the Turkish film industry. He then thought that it was time to go to the film capital of the world. Since he’s moved to Los Angeles, the Turkish actor’s career skyrocketed thanks to his many talents and work ethic. 

Important casting directors and producers noticed his outstanding talents which led Alican to book new roles in big projects.

One of the latest projects that he’s looking forward to is a role in a Turkish-American co-production romantic comedy series that will air on Netflix. Although Alican can’t share too much about it now, he’s ecstatic to show audiences what he can do as an actor and entertain them with a compelling story. 

Photographer: Jerry Camarillo

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