Safety on Sets: Cecilia Salguero Reveals all you Need to Know About Covid-19 Regulations on Filming Sets Across the Country

Cecilia Salguero is one of the powerful Latinas in Hollywood. Her outstanding work as a producer is well known in the industry. Everyone knows with her professionalism, their productions would never be at risk. Nowadays safe productions are a total challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for almost two years now. According to the CDC the first laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 in the US happened on January 18th 2020 and the samples were taken in Washington State.

Since then, we have faced multiple lockdowns, new safety regulations, vaccine trials and more, in order to combat this never ending deadly virus.

With the recent death of Halyna Hutchins due to a gun tragedy on Alec Baldwin’s set, safety on filming locations has been deeply questioned. From the use of prop guns, to the COVID-19 prevention rules. But… How safe is it to work in the entertainment industry in 2021?

Executive producer Cecilia Salguero has been working in the advertising, film and documentary industry for over 20 years. She has produced hundreds of commercials with award winning directors, travelling the globe and shooting across continents for clients like Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, Nike, Visa, Ford, Citroen amongst many others. In addition to her work in the advertising industry, she has also crossed over to the film and documentary industry, with credits that include two documentary for HBO Max and a documentary for Netflix and HBO MAX.

As a line producer, Cecilia is the heart of a production. It is her responsibility to hire the crew, to allocate the money, and to make sure everything on set is done safely to prevent accidents. The filming industry is not only risky, but can also be dangerous. Over the past decade there have been hundreds of accidents on set, including the one on “Rust” where Halyna Hutchings tragically died due to improper gun handling. Covid 19 has complicated safety even more. Rules are not the same in every state and they are not always strict. In states like Miami, civilians are no longer wearing face coverings, so it is extremely important to handle regulations safely to prevent the spread of the Delta Variant, which is responsible for a 39% increase in Covid Cases in the US.

“I feel really sorry for the states in which vaccination is not a requirement for work. Despite this, it is a relief to know that protocols are followed strictly, especially in California, where procedures are regulated and easy to follow”

Says Cecilia Salguero, who has worked in several countries and regions including Argentina, Brazil, the US, Spain and Uruguay.

“Up until now California has been the safest. Every country and state has its pros and cons. Working in California has made my job a lot easier, since everyone is already pretty used to the Covid-19 guidelines and they follow them with respect”.

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